What to Expect

New patients

New patients should have their driver’s license, insurance card and new patient forms taken when they check-in at the front desk. They should also expect their co-pay to be collected prior to their visit unless they have a percentage which will be collected at check-out. New patients may be asked to fill out other forms when they arrive.

Once a patient is called to a room they can expect to give a full history to the staff. This will include medications, medical and surgical history, social history, allergies, review of systems, and a brief description regarding their current symptoms. The staff will take vital signs at this time.  Should you have any special needs, please let the staff know at this time. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Most patients will be asked to give a urine specimen upon arrival. Once a urine specimen has been given, the staff will sometimes check to see if the bladder is empty using a bladder scanner. (A small ultrasound device is placed on the abdomen at the level of the bladder). Women who are in the office for a voiding dysfunction evaluation, pelvic prolapsed evaluation, or pelvic pain evaluation will often have a vaginal exam during their visit.

After the physician has done the physical exam; and reviewed symptoms with the patient, they will decide on a plan of care. This may include further testing, medication therapy, surgical therapy, and/or physical therapy. Once the plan has been established, the patient will proceed to the check-out area.

They will receive any paperwork necessary for their plan of care (including prescriptions and radiology requisitions), make their follow-up appointments, and pay their co-pay percentage if necessary.

Returning patients

Returning patients should also have their driver’s license and insurance card when checking in at the front desk. They may also have other forms to fill out on arrival.

While in the exam room, please give a full history to the staff. If you have been seen recently, then just an update would be necessary including a brief description of current symptoms. Vital signs will be taken at this time. The staff may request a urine sample depending on the reason for your visit. They may also need to scan the bladder to make sure it is empty.  Female patients who have had certain types of surgical procedures may require a vaginal exam at one of their post-procedure visits.

Depending on the reason for the visit, a patient may see the support staff including the medical assistance, nurses, or nurse practioners. If you will not be seeing the physician, we will let you know. Should you feel the need to see the physician, we will try to accommodate you as best we can.

Once a plan of care has been established with the patient, they can proceed to the check-out area. They will receive any paperwork necessary for their plan of care, including prescriptions and radiology requisitions, make their follow-up appointments, and pay their co-pay percentages if necessary.