Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is a study of the male ejaculate fluid.

This study is most often obtained in the setting of infertility to confirm appropriate production of sperm. There are several parameters tested with a semen analysis.  Sperm density and total sperm number in the specimen are probably the most important numbers on the analysis.  Depending on the laboratory testing the specimen, the lowest sperm density (number of sperm per milliliter of ejaculate) considered to be normal is 20 million sperm per milliliter. The motility, or number of moving sperm, evaluated with a semen analysis is also important and usually should be greater than 40%. The number of normal forms is assessed by the semen analysis. Usually a Kruger Strict Criterion is used to evaluate the morphology (shape and configuration) of the sperm to give a percentage of sperm that are totally normal. A semen specimen is considered to be normal if greater than 14% of sperm are normal. Other parameters evaluated by the semen analysis include the number of round cells, viscosity of the ejaculate, time to liquefaction, fructose concentration and viability of the sperm.

Semen Analysis can be performed at the Dallas Center for Pelvic Medicine.

  • Semen samples are usually obtained by masturbation in the comfort of the patient’s home if they can be delivered to the lab within 45 minutes of the time of collection. Otherwise, arrangements can be made to collect a sample in the center.
  • An approved sterile collection container and detailed collection instructions can be picked up at the Dallas Center for Pelvic Medicine.
  • Patients should abstain from ejaculation at least 2-3 but not more than 10 days before specimen collection.
  • Please remember to label the specimen cup with the requested information

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