Penile Implants for Erectile Dysfunction

Penile implants for erectile dysfunction are devices that are surgically implanted and completely concealed in the penis.

There are two main types of penile implants:

• Malleable (one-piece) prostheses are bendable rods inserted into the penis.  They are the easiest to place and simple to operate.  Because they remain at a constant level of firmness, when an erection is not desired they must be bent down to conceal the penis.
• Inflatable (2 or 3 piece) prostheses are the most popular type of implant.  They consist of cylinders placed in the penis and a pump located in the scrotum by which the cylinders can be inflated or deflated.  This allows for the most natural erections but requires some manual dexterity to operate.

Who should consider a penile implant?
Men with erectile dysfunction who have not responded to or are dissatisfied with medical therapies should consider a penile implant.  It provides a reliable, firm erection with a high (>90%) degree of satisfaction.
• Benefits
o  Long term solution
o Erection any time you choose
o Maintain erection as long as desired
o Feels natural
o Does NOT interfere with ejaculation or orgasm

• Risks
o Infection of implant may require removal of device
o Rare cases of lasting pain or mechanical device failure
o May cause penile scarring and slight shortening

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