Vasectomy under anesthesia? Why not? Blog # 5


Usually when I first walk in to the room for a vasectomy, I will ask the patient if he is nervous.  Answers vary, but I ask the question just to let the patient know that it’s ok to be nervous.  Hopefully you are confident about your decision not to father any more children but you are still about to undergo a surgical procedure in a delicate area.  It’s probably more than ok to be nervous, it’s NORMAL.

I came to this shattering conclusion when I turned introspective and thought about how I would feel when (or if) I was going to have a vasectomy.  The day is probably coming, just not sure when.  Even though I have performed many, many vasectomies, I realized that I too would still be nervous.

About this same time, someone suggested we provide anesthesia in the office for men undergoing vasectomy.  I thought why not?  We have the ability to do it and we have anesthesiologists willing to provide the service.  Sure, traditionally vasectomies are performed under local anesthesia only, but if the patient prefers to avoid the anxiety of being alert during the procedure and the brief burning of the local anesthetic, he should have the option.

There are a few “down sides” to having an anesthesiologist administer anesthesia for your vasectomy.  Mainly you are a little  groggy when the procedure is over and should not drive for the next 24 hours, but we suggest that you take it easy for a few days after your vasectomy anyways.

I don’t know how many men will choose this option.  I don’t even know if I will, but at least it’s available to me, to you, to anyone who wants a vasectomy with less anxiety and more comfort.


God Bless,

Dan French


Dan French


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