What’s in a Website?


Well we finally have our website turned on and hopefully we have patients and physicians checking our site for content, errors and oversights. I want to thank everyone at Ariesnet, particularly Andrea Worthy, for making the website possible. In addition, I would like to thank my partners, Ginger and Dan, my wife Kelley and our office manager Lynne Dunn for their contributions to the site.  Without the original efforts by Shelly Johnson and Judi Chambers we would have never started this site. We certainly are not finished with the content of the website and will continue to update many of the sections over time. My goal is to have a website that our patients can refer to when questions arise regarding evaluation and/or treatment for their pelvic issues. Additionally, we desire to have content that is useful for physicians who may have questions regarding the broad category of pelvic medicine.

We would encourage our patients to look at the patient resource center. We have several diseases and conditions listed with detail on evaluation and management. For further information on the techniques used to diagnose the conditions we treat, peruse the diagnostic strategies section for further details. The treatment option section is divided into medical, non-medical, non-surgical , and surgical therapies. Each treatment option is explored at length. We hope this blog section will give insight into our opinions on medicine and the practice of urology. I plan to put common conversations I have with patients into print form so the thought processes can be referred to long after the initial conversation in the office.

We would like to present an overview of current concepts and research in the area of pelvic medicine in the physician education center. We will try to present new research from pertinent journals in the article review section. Surgical techniques that we teach will be found in the surgical technique section. We will eventually post real time information and results regarding several surgical techniques in the clinical results section. Our goal is to provide education for our collegues and to make our referring physicians aware of what is being done for their patients.

This is the first generation of our website and hope it will continue to morph with time. For now, please feel free to give us any comments, critcism or praise regarding our website. We appreciate your business and your confidence in our practice to provide your urologic care. Enjoy the website.

Brian Feagins


Our Dallas urologists provide comprehensive care for men and women Welcome to Dallas Center for Pelvic Medicine. Our Dallas urologists are experts at diagnosing and treating many urologic problems. The staff at our Dallas urology office is experienced and takes pride in providing you with the level of care you want and deserve. We offer the most up-to-date diagnostic tools as well as non-surgical, micro-surgical and surgical treatments. Many treatments can be performed in our Dallas urology office.

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